Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Lotion – Review

Description – 

This helps in concentrating on reducing and re-inventing the looks of dark spots, pigmentations in fine lines. Promotes a brighter, smoother, nutrient balanced skin. Helps to revive a look of young radiance and well being 

Since old occasions, we Indians have been grasping the intensity of Ayurveda in our regular skincare practice. What’s more, when similar decency of Ayurveda is accessible in business bundling, how might we say ‘no’ to it?

The presumed brand ‘Biotique’ has been offering the very same through its profoundly well-known skincare go. Being a sleek cleaned young lady with an inclination of breaking out from time to time, I really wanted to attempt it’s all-around refreshing Morning Nectar Lotion to make my skin look perfect. Along these lines, here is the Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Lotion Review. Peruse on to know whether it merits attempting or not.

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First, Let’s Talk About Price Because Before Taking Any Beauty Product We See The Budget As We All Can’t Afford Costly Products But When You Get The Best Skin Care Product In Your Budget Than Why Not To Take? So Here We Go First With Price – 

Price – Rs.199/- for 120ml  , Rs. 280 for 190 ml.

Available At almost all E-commerce website Like Amazon link Here →  Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Lotion

Let’s Talk About Shelf Life As We Need To Know How Long It will Work or What Is Expiry Date?

Shelf Life :- 3 years from the date of manufacturing Enough Time To Use So Its Worth It. 

This is also important to know about what ingredient in this product to make sure they all are useful or harmful according to your skin type as well  Biotique claims that are 100% Ayurvedic Product But Still let’s see The Ingredient Details

Ingredient Details :-

 Active ingredients :-

Ingredients used in Biotique products are 100% pure, organic, preservative-free, and renewable resources. They are cultivated, blended, collected and produced in the foothills of the Himalayas (1). 

  • Gulab Phool
  •  Mulethi Root, 
  • Nariyal Seed Oil,
  •  Kamal Rhizome, 
  • Purified WaterQ.S.

We need to know how’s it packing it is friendly to carry or its travel friendly its a really important thing so here we go with details. 

Packaging :-

Biotique Bio Morning Nectar perfect Skin Lotion comes in a very normal Biotique packaging, a white plastic bottle with a green screw cap. It’s a good mouth gap which will result in product wastage if you’re not cautious whereas running it out of the bottle. I actually have a 190 ml Medium size bottle that is good to hold while travelling. 

Packaging of the cardboard box has all the main points on that.

Now we need to know what is about the ‘Biotique brand?

About ‘Biotique Ayurvedic’ :-

 BIOTIQUE is substitutable with serious skin and hair care developed from Ayurveda. Biotique treatments don’t hide issues – they eliminate them. With 100% botanical. No animal testing. Even the packaging is Eco-friendly and useful.

Let’s talk about BIO MORNING NECTAR VISIBLY FLAWLESS SKIN LOTIONS What type of skin lotion is suitable for you? Are it works well? Whats specialty? Etc. 

About BIO MORNING NECTAR VISIBLY Flawless Skin Lotion :-

  • It is enriched with the 100% botanic extracts of pure honey, wheat germ.
  •  Moisturizes the dry skin nicely.
  • It is not terribly costly. 
  • used on a daily basis and night lotion, As well as a night cream. 
  •  It doesn’t cause any skin breakouts. 
  • It is specialist tested, free from preservatives and isn’t tested on animals. 

Now we have come to many things but you need to know how to use it?

Direction To Use :-

Massage a couple of drops into clean skin, AM and PM.

Pros :-

  • Keeps skin problem-free
  • Chemical Free 
  • Nourishes Skin 
  • Treats flaky skin 
  • Heals Acne, Pimples, Redness and Rashes
  • Improves Skin Texture 
  • Doesn’t Clogs Pores
  • Results in Healthy, Nourished, Smooth and Glow Skin
  • Affordable 
  • Works for all Skin Type

Cons :-

  • A bit powerful to squeeze out the product
  • Results in Sweaty Skin in Summers

My experience With Biotique Morning Skin Lotion :-

It’s been 2 years since I started using this lotion. I am happy that I chose this product as this product has provided me with everything which i ever desired for my skin. This lotion has white in color and creamy thickness which makes this lotion to enable the skin smoothness.

The fragrance of this lotion is so amazing and so pleasant that it keeps you fresh. I have a normal skin type and this moisturizer is good for all types of skin as it is written on packaging and as prescribed that it should be used twice a day to remove the open pores.

I did the same and I got the results which I wanted for my skin. This lotion is very thin and  this absorbs easily within your skin instantly and applying this to skin feels a little greasy but the nectar removes the daily oiliness. I love oily skin as after applying makeup it enhances the beauty of that person with bright & love this lotion and I use it in regular cleansing.

I would recommend this for all the skin types except for sensitive skin

Here is my review & am sure if you using you feel the same as well about Biotique Morning Nectar Review.

Biotique Morning Nectar Review :-

This is herbal moisturizer. It gives so much softness and shine after applying this moisturizer and makes it skin moist for a full day. instantly it makes you flawless after 2-3 it gives u your natural colour & very smooth.

It is a good thick consistency moisturizer, the kind that suits all types of skin, also, it smells well and keeps your skin moisturized all day. Worth giving a shot.

Already done with many bottles. This product has a pleasant smell and good to use under sunscreen. I am very Satisfied with biotique. So I thought why not to give a review on it 

It is not at all sticky and absorbs in skin quickly.

Last but not least.

My Final Output :-

“This Biotique Morning Nectar Skin Lotion is the best and effective moisturizer for delicate or sensitive skin as this makes the skin healthy, smooth and bright and nourished as well as enhancing the glowing of the face skin. it’s a very light-weight moisturizer thus it feels a touch serious throughout summers or wet days for shiny skin, however, it works absolutely throughout the evening time or Winter days. Dry Skin getting to like it throughout the year. Causes no Breakouts and is Paraben-Free”

My Rating is what about you? 

Rating :- ⅘ 

According to the price / quantity / packaging  as well as result 

So this was it for today. I hope you’ve found this post useful. Don’t forget to share your views with me. It’s mean a lot me  😍 stay tuned for more reviews & Instagram stories don’t forget to follow show me some love 💖 

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